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    Why? Its a simple question: why does the United States incarcerate so many people and such are large proportion of its population? Are Americans more prone to criminality than the rest of humanity. I doubt it. Are people imprisoned for more trivial offences? Are there political or economic motives for sustaining such a large prison population? Is it a product of an economic and political system that values property over people? Is it an exercise in power? A failure in addressing the underlying causes of crime? Or failing to engage in rehabilitation of offenders? Is the American legal system broken? Are those who are imprisoned and their families underrepresented and voiceless?

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      Thanks Henry,

      The “why” is something we deliberately don’t delve into in the fact check articles as we want to keep these to empirical claims.

      But this is something we could certainly start an article or WikiProject on. In fact we’ll do so next week – if you feel like starting similar in the meantime please do go ahead!

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    Sanders’ claim, while true, needs to focus on attacking the nature of the circumstances behind the incarceration, such as nonviolent crimes, and other factors like that.

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    Deleted User

    I’m afraid that his claim that we are “making progress” in the criminal justice system is too ambiguous. Does he mean we have fewer prisoners, or that we have a fairer system or that we are treating prisoners more humanely? There are too many things to check and some may be very contentious.

    I suggest changing the claim to just the claim about the prison population (which I have checked and added to the article)

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      yes you are totally right, we should stick with the first empirical claim only. thanks a lot!

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      I agree that “making progress” is too broad a term to be much use in an article like this. Making progress can mean a lot of different things, based on a person’s or group’s goal.
      If a group is looking to increase incarceration what they consider progress would be very different than what a human rights organization might consider to be progress.

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        I do think a statement more concrete would serve them better here as well. Making progress how and in what way? Give something people can look at and see results in.

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