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    Interesting point. i did not know that crowd sourcing is related to out sourcing. Is it?

    As someone who community gardens for a local food shelf I receive “free therapy” by planting seeds & protecting small plants from competitors. Wikipedia works because many people feel they get something from their involvement. WikiTribune has potential to support real journalism.

    Journalism needs paid professionals! Is the advertisement model the best way to pay for quality journalism? Where was the early news reporting about Opioids? Big Pharma is key advertiser.

    Instead of using word Crowdsourcing – maybe amateur news collection?

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    The bowling alley metaphor is muddled, and should be replaced. It starts by introducing the idea about *designing* a bowling alley, then compares professional bowlers to free bowlers, then talks about building a community of casual bowlers and providing services to them.

    Perhaps a “community garden” is a better metaphor. Instead of paying professional gardeners to execute a centrally-defined plan, each member of the community contributes in the best way they can.

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      Feel free to dig in. Alternatively, tonight or tomorrow I’ll try to unmuddle it. 🙂

      But gardening is a very good replacement idea anyway, so rather than me trying to explain my metaphor, replacing it with yours might make the most sense!

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