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    This is a very interesting topic. Perhaps to make it more newsworthy it would be good to know what other large providers think of this technology and whether they have any plans for it.

    Have you considered connecting the current story to productivity as opposed to digital inequality? The Leeds and Highlands anecdote exemplify that better Internet speed (for users who already have digital skills) leads to better productivity at work and at home and therefore can lead to a more equitable distribution of Internet rewards. Maybe even connect it with how it could improve education outcomes…

    You have mentioned countries like India and China in the same context but I suspect that the nature of digital inequality (or divide) in these countries is quite extreme. There is a vast proportion of the population there that live in total digital darkness where even solutions like WiFi calling will be of limited use. The kind of solutions that are being discussed for these countries are things like TV White space, reallocation of defence spectrum, etc. Which might be good to discuss in this story for the sake of completeness.

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      Hi Rachit, definitely interesting aspects of wifi access and connectivity. The productivity angle would be great to explore, but with the purpose of preventing this article becoming too broad, we’ve removed some of the bits about rural areas and focused more on the inequality. Would you support us starting a break-out story on the productivity aspect perhaps?

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        Happy to give it a shot, Lydia.

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    Is this story newsworthy? It is not a very new idea, and VOIP technology and femtocells have been around for a long time. This is just a new method to get a virtual “cell tower”.

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      Wifi-calling itself has been around a while but what’s newsworthy is that nobody really knows about it still – and many still don’t have internet connections. The story will look at wifi-calling as a solution to lack of connectivity and the different initiatives going on right now that are aiding that.

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