News Agenda: June 11 – June 15

WikiTribune journalists will now be concentrating on more in-depth stories and features. We trust you will continue to help WikiTribune fulfill its core mission of high-quality, neutral, and evidence-based journalism.

Here is a list of stories being covered by WikiTribune this week. Add your ideas, new angles, and any other suggestions for collaboration here – or post in TALK. Also see some of WikiTribune’s most popular stories below.

NEWS AGENDA: June 11 – 15

As President Trump announces his intention to lower drugs prices, Charles Turner has been speaking with healthcare professionals to look at how a new policy might reduce drug prices in the United States, which are currently the highest in the world. You can read the finished story here

Ahead of FIFA 2018, Jack Barton has been writing about the recent CONIFA 2018 tournament, held in London and billed as the World Cup for unrecognised states such as Cascadia, Panjab and current holders Abkhazia. Read the completed story here

In advance of Loneliness Awareness Week, Lydia Morrish is working on a piece about how governments and healthcare systems are tackling loneliness.

Harry Ridgewell has completed his story about how rising sea levels will impact vulnerable places such as Bangladesh and Kiribati. You can read it here. And please contribute to this list of places most likely to be affected by rising sea levels. 

Linh Nguyen is working on a story about how private companies and the National Health Service in the UK are collaborating to use artificial intelligence – and any privacy implications involved.

As the end of Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting, approaches, George Engels is working on a story about one of the oldest cultivated fruits in the world, dates. Please contribute ideas here.

Ido Vock is looking at a bygone era when companies once provided housing for their employees. He is also speaking with experts about whether revisiting the past could provide an answer to the current shortage of affordable housing in the UK.

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