History for Fact checking Carla Ortiz's claims on White Helmets and Aleppo in Syrian civil war

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Note → term corr: Islamic State group (as discussed in discord)
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**** Latest version ****
Note → edited school contributions.
Note → Claim: Rebel forces closed schools: attacks on military used schools
Note → Claim: Rebel forces closed schools, further statistics
Note → reinserted edited copy
Note → removing contentious claim
Note → Small grammatical changes
Note → Added Bilal Abdul Kareem to list of People to Interview
Note → White Helmets and militants
Note → Minor edit.
Note → edited REACH stat to reflect the main reason why children didn't go to school in Aleppo. Approved RT
Note → RT is no longer called "Russia Today"
Note → claim about closed schools in Aleppo: REACH statistics added
Note → removed hyphen headline
Note → Al Nusra hospital HQ soon taken over by ISIL
Note → minor edit simplifying the name of the UN report
Note → claim about rebels using schools as bases
Note → Some claims are true
Note → Al Nusra hospital HQ claim
Note → Al Nusra used a hospital: further ISIS sources
Note → clarified syrian observatory link and added NYT link to hospital claim
Note → update callout for questions for white helmets
Note → update language to reflect 'true' 'false' undetermined'
Note → Grammar edit
Note → copyedited update but didn't research facts asserted
Note → white helmets, red crescent update, education law
Note → cleared up language around men syrian asylum seekers, kept Eurostat, removed jihadist language
Note → claim about jihadis using hospitals as a base
Note → Her claim about 80% of refugees being men
Note → update CAR study to reflect diverted weapons
Note → approved flaneur edits. moved parliament stat in order to address claim first, then provide context
Note → "minsters" --> "ministers
Note → Edited for grammar and clarity wrg to female representation
Note → Removing things which aren't empirically provable
Note → Red Crescent no-fly zone claim, changed gender section with help of Flaunder
Note → Grammar and spelling
Note → Edit for grammar and spelling
Note → Edit for grammar
Note → LGBTQ rights in Syria
Note → Gabbard DID mention Al-Nusra (at :32 second mark of the video)
Note → changed Al-Nusra fact check. Took out "jihadist" and cleared up the CAR study, only 3% of weapons
Note → edit for grammar
Note → polls of syrians
Note → merged copies. reformatted fact check on women in politics
Note → SCD monthly stipend
Note → President's advisor edit
Note → grammar and organizational edit
Note → claim of percentage of female ministers
Note → Claim by Ortiz of arming Jihadis
Note → Claim from Ortiz that Jihadists received weapons from the US government
Note → specified claim about 80 percent refugees
Note → changed wording of a few phrases
Note → Typo "Youtube" to "YouTube" twicetwice
Note → fact-checked $200 million claim
Note → added claims that white helmets used a middle school for their base. fixed time stamp
Note → update on carla's visits to aleppo and al nusra using hospital
Note → added EU asylum statistics
Note → added source
Note → added buttons
Note → regime -> government
Note → Reclarified that claims are not made on her personal youtube channel
Note → edited claim on election to better reflect her claim
Note → draft for fact-checking project

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