Talk for Article "How to make gold? Take two medium-sized neutron stars, mix, and stir gently"

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  1. Great headline on this.

    From a reader perspective, the image is pretty meaningless. Nice colors, though.

    1. As you say, nice colors. 🙂

      Those were the images that the kind people at Nobel Media sent me, and I was not going to complain at getting images from them 🙂 It saved me having to scout for other images or worse – having to draw some myself – which I have done for a few articles in Wikipedia.

  2. Thank you Angela, Cassandra, Linh and Jonathan for your invaluable help with the Nobel article. The improvements are much appreciated.

    There is one small detail I am wondering about.

    I did mean to write “70 observatories”, not “70 observations”.

    I am guessing that the number of observations was far greater. Thanks to the initial gravitational wave observations, something like a third of all the worlds astronomers and astrophycisists were able to cooperate quickly , since suddenly everyone knew instantly where to look.

    Do you think there is someway to get the sense ofthesheer scale of this into the article`?

  3. I have not given the prize “in memory of” an image. It is not a Nobel Prize, and I feel it was instituted to confuse people into thinking that Econonics is a science.

  4. I have asked ICAN for permission to use an image. I got permission from the people at Nobel , so I am optimistic.

  5. I have added some more text. Most new links are to BBC, because I am lazy and unimaginative.

  6. I shall add some more detail in a couple of days time, Charles.

  7. no this is the right way to do it. we want all changes/edits to be visible in the system.

  8. Hi Daniel, are you able to please offer a bit more detail about each of the prizes/ discoveries. You do this to an extent for the gravitationl waves mention but then it gets thinner was we go down. We want our readers to get a sense of what each prize was for. If you can link to any explanatory materials you use that would be great. thanks

  9. Daniel, is this story ready to be looked at by an editor and then published from your point of view please? Peter

  10. I have received four images from, with permisson by Karin Svanholm to use them in the article. I do not know exactly how to declare them free for use. Apart from wanting to use the other three images, yes, I think it may be ready for looked at and published. I am not sure how to declare that either. I am still trying to learn and beta-test.

  11. Peter, I shall leave it up to others to decide whether or not to use the other three images. Please help me get an editor to have a look at it, and if ready, publish it.

  12. Hi Daniel – given the limitations of WordPress copy-pasting at this time is not a good idea as it can mess up formatting! We are however going to hide autosaves from Recent Changes soon which gives us the best of both worlds. You won’t lose your progress, and there won’t be 20 different revisions under your name.

  13. I have requested permission from the for use of an image of theirs in this article.

  14. I only saved this article once. Under “Recent changes” it looks as if I published about 20 changes. I assume that there is some sort of automatic save. I suppose I should have written the article elsewhere and then added and published it all in one go.

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