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    This part should be written in the speculations part of the report on “London Double agent poisoning “, to clarify if anyone leaked the formula, such a nerve agent potentially could be made in any chemical plant.

    Until police get any new findings, this is what we know:
    It is either Russian government using this nerve agent, either Russia’s fault to lose this nerve agent and somebody else used it, or it’s Russia’s fault that it leaked the formula and somebody else made and used this nerve agent.
    This should be made clear in every article, and it isn’t yet, which is not fair in my opinion. And I have no love for Russia’s side here, it is just logic.

    Then, we can discuss motivations which can lead to Russia gaining the most out of ordering such an assassination.
    At this point, the evidence is not clear to the public, and this should be made loud and clear to avoid putting blame before evidence is there (like the UK and allies are doing right now).
    It is ok to have informed speculations, but this is a potentially war-starting situation, and accusations should be made only when there is no reasonable doubt left. And there is doubt here right now.

    So this should probably be reported to anyone working on Nerve Agent poisoning articles.

    Greetings, you are doing a very good job.

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      “such a nerve agent potentially could be made in any chemical plant”

      This is not something that would ever be made at a chemical plant. Chemical plants are for producing chemicals on a large-scale.

      It can only be made in a laboratory set-up for that purpose.

      In the UK, chemical warfare agents used to be made by pharmaceutical companies, e.g. Sandoz now known as Novartis.

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