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    Overall good article.

    But there is something really not good, not directly linked to this article.
    I feel you need to internally sit down as a team of journalists and make reporting of this assassination more structural.
    There are too many articles with no clear division of who covers what and how it should be read by someone not reading updates about this every day.

    This story needs to have a general story, which sums up the important facts. Then is should have sub-articles which can be expanded with further informed speculations and are accessible through hyperlinks, which comprise of:
    the beginning, the story, sections of the story, and the conclusion.

    With all due respect for your excellent work, the current structure is a shitshow to read through, to be completely frank and blunt.

    Keep on the good work.

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    “you have the use of illegal and totally banned chemical weapons that are only made in government labs.”

    Another one of you articles with the title “What is novichok, the nerve agent blamed for British attack?” claim:
    “One should be mindful that the chemical components or precursors of A-232 or its binary version novichok-5 are ordinary organophosphates that can be made at commercial chemical companies that manufacture such products as fertilizers and pesticides.’”

    You should post such opinions at least together to show how people don’t agree, and preferably find someone who can clear it up if somebody else could have made this nerve agent outside Russian authority.

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      There is no option to edit while I wait for moderation of my comment. Can that be changed in the future?

      Will post this to “suggestions” page of Wikimedia

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    Seriously, I can’t believe this is our headline. You accuse the Russian state of something this severe but don’t bother to ask them for an official statement on it?

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      Here is the official statement from Putin’s press secretary:

      It doesn’t get much more official than that. And it’s the usual “we have no idea what has happened and why”. Of course.

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        Thanks both, we did also reach out to the Russian embassy but got no response. The purpose of this article is to explain why everyone is jumping to the conclusion that Russia is responsible, and analyse what that means. Our article collating the latest news on this incident is currently headlined with Russia’s assertion that this is British propaganda. Jack

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