History for Earlier: Diplomatic crisis sparked by nerve agent attack on former Russian spy

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Note → updated with EU ambassador recall
Note → Updated
Note → Added policeman release and Skripals
Note → updated with May at EU summit
Note → Re-topped for today
Note → Fixed para on London
Note → Picture
Note → Re-topped with Johsnon, general shortening
Note → update with Khodorkovsky story
Note → Updated and republished
Note → Summary didnt save
Note → updates, including tests on car
Note → Car seizure, focus of investigation
Note → Mirzayanov`s contrasting remark to AFP
Note → Line on 2006 law
Note → Modified headline and updated
Note → Publishing with latest information
Note → Retopped with EU support
Note → deploy not deplore; at least not at last
Note → "Deploy", not "deplore"
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Note → More revisions
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Note → Summary
Note → Glushkov reworked
Note → adding related articles
Note → adding related article
Note → Added Glushkov
Note → typo in highlight
Note → Typo in one of the highlights “ikely” to “likely”
Note → added Boris Johnson comments
Note → Johnson reworked
Note → Johnson remarks at top
Note → changed London repetition
Note → tweaks to summary and grammar
Note → Adding election
Note → Updated and edited and republished
Note → formatting and pull quote
Note → formatting and added pull quote
Note → added US sanctions
Note → fixed hed
Note → Corrected history on development and use of nerve agents
Note → chemical weapons were not used in WW2 though they were stockpiled by both sides.
Note → reinserting highlights
Note → spellings
Note → filling out line in summary
Note → ready to go
Note → previewing
Note → small tweaks, new thumbnail
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Note → Embassy statement
Note → adding bits
Note → More detail
Note → Published to update
Note → updated with diplomat expulsion
Note → added related stories at bottom
Note → Updated with minor changes
Note → correct status of Salisbury
Note → Re-topped for today's news
Note → change hed
Note → Copyedit, approved additions
Note → Highlight
Note → Added Russian embassy tweets
Note → May transcript linked
Note → Highlight
Note → re-topped with Trump
Note → Highlights formatting
Note → Updated highlights
Note → updated with Lavrov statement
Note → it not that
Note → Added Lavrov
Note → Adding para on diplomat
Note → Added novichok details and updated stuff lower down
Note → Modified headline
Note → headline shorten
Note → added CH comment
Note → Published
Note → More on potential response
Note → Republished
Note → Added quote and minor additions
Note → New highlights
Note → Republished with May news
Note → May statement
Note → Republished with clarity on nerve agent
Note → Published with embassy added
Note → Re-topped with embassy statement
Note → Remove extra space
Note → Small typo
Note → Added Times editorial and republished
Note → Published and amended summary
Note → Expanded Litvinenko inquiry methodology
Note → updated in expectation of May statement
Note → Updated and ready to publish
Note → Minor edits
Note → Republishing complete version of story as now
Note → Updating and publishing afresh
Note → Publishing to clean version
Note → Publishing, PGB
Note → Published to update, PGB
Note → Added 21 and Lavrov
Note → paragraph formatting in last section
Note → Adding picture
Note → Publishing - PGB
Note → Adding Bellingcat
Note → Adding calls to action - again
Note → Publishing to fix formatting snafus
Note → Trying to fix formatting
Note → Publishing to address formatting
Note → Publishing PGB
Note → Updating to get formatting taken
Note → Publishing to clean up
Note → Publishing to bring in Browder
Note → Published again
Note → Saving before publish
Note → Removing "earlier this week" - again
Note → Publishing with new photograph
Note → Capturing updates
Note → Published again
Note → spelling fix
Note → couple copyedits
Note → Nerve gas section edited
Note → updated link
Note → ready to edit
Note → added Rudd's latest comments
Note → Added Bellingcat on nerve agents
Note → UK spelling and Ox commas
Note → added link
Note → added marina litvinenko comment
Note → Updated CTA and PUBLISHED
Note → Updated highlights
Note → Added pictures
Note → Published with new picture
Note → Published again
Note → Published =2
Note → Published, PGB
Note → ready to edit
Note → replaced spy for double agent
Note → his words were "serious condition", so best to use those words, critical can mean likely to die
Note → Published PGB
Note → updated with latest
Note → added Amber Rudd statement
Note → highlights & Russian embassy statement
Note → Embassy statement and highlights
Note → UK spelling tweaks
Note → Added Maria Zakharova quote
Note → format fix
Note → added Johnson quote
Note → updated with son's death in 2017
Note → formatting
Note → updated with Porton Down
Note → Met police; Porton Down
Note → Met police lead; Porton Down
Note → updated with MPs comments
Note → REarranged, added MP questions
Note → Corrected date
Note → update with public inquiry/Buzzfeed investigation
Note → Link to Litvinenko inquiry and Buzzfeed investigation
Note → summary tweak
Note → small copy tweaks
Note → Clarifying a few points
Note → Police update
Note → Added Peskov quote
Note → Added report of woman's ID
Note → Hedged first par in line with police statement
Note → Police statements added
Note → button move
Note → publishing
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