Talk for Article "Diabetes is five different diseases, says new research"

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  1. How about telling more, like what are the 5 types, what might this mean for treatment of prevention. Otherwise it looks and sounds just like a repeat of ap…. The same almost word for word that every other news outlet is saying.

    1. Hi Roberta, thanks for your suggestion. Do you want to try your hand at updating the story yourself in EDIT with those edits? It could probably use a bullet point list detailing the different characteristics of each new subtype.

      1. Unfortunately, it’s costs $31.50 to get a copy of the research.

        I have looked elsewhere for some descriptions of the five types but not finding anything that would be of enough info, or that would not just be speculation., Nothing more than the types have dif characteristics and that may help in treatment, but not enough to say… Otherwise I would be happy to write… Does wiki trig have access to any databases that might provide access to this article? I will try to see if library has any ideas.

        1. I’ll email them to see if they can give us press access to the study.

            1. Thank *you*. I’ve just emailed their press office and will get back to you as soon as they get back to me.

              1. Hi Roberta, I just received a copy from The Lancet. Can I send it to you via email?

                    1. edits added
                      tried to make a table with tabs but didn’t work so re-edited my edit to i hope make clear,

                    2. Thanks Roberta, have taken out some of that – our goal is not to be an encyclopedia but a place for news stories. The way it was laid out did not favors for readers. But appreciate your contribution. Cheers

                1. Any chance you could send me a copy, too? Would be interesting to see what perspectives we all make of it. Any statisticians among us?

  2. Thanks for picking up this story!

    The Background summary from the Lancet link seems to suggest that Type 2 diabetes is the type that can be split into more groups (“…type 2 diabetes in particular is highly heterogeneous.”)

    I think Type 1 diabetes sufferers especially would be helped by having this clarified in the article, rather than having the chance to leap to overoptimistic conclusions.

    I feel the article should also refer to the fact that the Lancet paper is paid content.

    1. Hi Sebastian, thanks for your comment. Would you like to add your suggestions to the article in EDIT?

        1. Thanks so much Sebastian. I just updated the story with your edits.

          1. Thank *you*, George… it is a strange feeling to be contributing to editing a newspaper, as it were; it’s all new(s) to me 😀

            1. That’s so good to hear. How’re you feeling about it?

              1. That’s a simple question with a complex answer! There’s a lot to figure out about WT, how it all works, what its place should be within the future of journalism.

                I feel that what we’re doing here is the start of something. Of course, we’re much slower than a BBC, who managed to get a summary of the story, plus an interview, out into the stream of news. However, that story is “gone” for them now: it’s still live for us – perhaps just a small group, but with Roberta’s pushing to get the Lancet article, and our tapping and hammering into shape, we have a chance of getting things “right” for the record.

                Just one additional thought: would it be normal for a journalist (umm, you!) to get in touch with the authors of the paper, ask them for comment on this article? Perhaps they can add some valuable insight, too.

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