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    Hello – this is not a suggestion really. Just wanted to add that the Aaron Mc Nicholas tweet is an accurate translation / summary of the Chinese article. The article itself is based on anonymous insider information. They tried to phone Xinhua News Agency to confirm, and the reply was, “we are not able to confirm such kind of thing.” The anonymous insider also said that due process was followed when they posted about the Constitution change suggestion. The fact that they were punished was an act of “picking bones from eggs”. It reflects that the government doesn’t want removing term limit to attract lot of attention.

    The above are all based on the article. I have no idea of how valid the information is. We always have a lot of rumors and the opaque government never helps. I am no journalist, but a normal news consumer.

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      Thanks! I’ll add that the article is based on anonymous insider info.

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    I have added more issues that arise from the directive to the congress. This is more than an internal power grab. China is seeking to undermine other countries. This was not expressed in the original which treats it only as a political/philosophical issue.

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      Thanks! I’ve moved them a bit further down and rewritten slightly. They add valuable context.

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    I think your views on US foreign policy are both US-centric and not how the rest of the world sees the US. Something I could flag as bias. Also oversimplifies and posits international politics as black and white, good or bad. And to suggest that the US can do ANYTHING about this is imputing too much power to the US, especially under Trump.

    I think the experts have added no facts or analysis worth retaining, considering the length of this piece.

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      Sorry you feel that way Cheryl.

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    The article suggests that “President” is relatively less important than the positions Xi holds as leader of the communist party and the military, thus implying that presidential term limits are not too important.

    I suggest the article could be improved with additional discussion of: the process of becoming president, party leader, and military leader; whether there are stated or “in practice” term limits on party or military leader.

    Thank you — Steve Merican

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      Hi Steve. The leadership of both party and armed forces have no term limits. I added a short line on that in the piece. The Wikipedia entry on Chinese politics has a good summary on what the different titles are and the power they hold:

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    Hi Cheryl, thanks for your comments. We’ve either updated the piece with your suggestions, or reworked them into the story according to our style. For example, we don’t generally use numbered bullet points to lay out reasons. But because it does help out organize ideas, we’ve put these reasons back into one paragraph but numbered them for ease.

    I’ve reincorporated contributors’ opinions into the piece, as those were their expert views and were attributed accordingly. Please let me know if you’d like to discuss this further.

    As for the third paragraph, we think it’s factually correct and journalistically relevant to point out that the active promotion of democratic values has been a fundamental underpinning of U.S. foreign policy since (at least) the end of WWII. I’ve reworded the first sentence of the third paragraph and have added a link to a US document that supports this assertion.

    Thanks for contributing to the piece!

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