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    1) Tim Urban has written extensively about the BFR and Musk’s motivation in his blog “Wait But Why?”, which I feel deserves a link at some point.

    2) The perfectly co-ordinated return to earth of two BFR first stage rockets demonstrated how SpaceX are reducing costs by re-using these expensive components. It explains how SpaceX are ahead in the race.

    3) Musk genuinely intends to send humans to Mars and the BFR is one step towards his goal of a ‘Plan B’ for human survival. While this may seem fantastical to many, preparatory experiments with people living together in isolation for long periods demonstrate how we can make ‘Plan A’ work better too. E.g.

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    Not sure if there is such thing as a new space race.

    The Space Race of the 20th-century was mostly between the USA and Russia where they were both trying to be the first to achieve certain objectives in competition with each other, and independently.

    Today, things are more cooperative between commercial organizations, different countries and governmental space programs.

    For example, SpaceX would not exist without the US government’s help in one way or another. They are not really in competition with each other.

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      It is in quotes and that is the way Musk described it as a rhetorical device. It is also clear that there is in fact a race here because it seems likely that that if the Falcon Heavy and the FBR work they will gain a great share of the launch market against say Blue Origin and even the proposed Nasa big rocket. Don’t forget the remarkable small satellite launcher in New Zealand a week or two ago which promises to do big things at very low cost at the small end of the market. Either way, we are quoting the portray of it as a race by one of the leaders of that “race” who is using it as a device to bring back some of the excitement we perhaps — us older folks — had.

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    Please, all headlines at WikiTribune, especially on WikiProjects, should be neutral.

    “Elon Musk just made space cool again” is the kind of fluffy headline one might expect from Buzzfeed. Not at WikiTribune. We are here to deliver facts in a serious way.

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