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    Hi Jack. Puerto Rico is so small and is all but defenseless against the Sharks and thieves of the American free wall street market. Maybe if a few Puerto Rican natives formed a group they could attract funding by exposing the problems in detail. Alternatively a group of investigators set up a project to investigate. I for one would donate to such a group.

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    I suspect that financial crimes have been and are being committed by owners of Puerto Rico debts. I would donate to support an investigation on those lines.

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      Hi John, PR’s Title III proceedings seem to be incredibly complex, even compared to massive municipal bankruptcies like Detroit, San Bernardino, etc. But there is a huge amount of material in the public domain, and a lot of interest. I’m sure there is a way for WikiTribune to get into this in a way other people haven’t. I will keep looking and updating this project. Jack

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    The P.Rican recovery effort, which seems not on the current administration’s radar, shouldn’t be to simply replace whats lost, rather due to extensive damage the difference should be to make Puerto Rico a destination and rebuild for a changed world. The current administration acts like this U.S. territory is some kind of century-old colony for exploitation. If nation-state actors in the western hemisphere would react to disasters differently, the same could be said of Haiti after hurricanes and earthquakes. That is plan renewal around being a future destination, where people want to go to, not escape from.
    As coastal and island disasters keep happening in the western hemisphere, as in the Carribean, Gulf of Mexico 2017 hurricane disasters, future preparation for climate extremes should be the focus of recovery. But as we see, not even on USA’s radar. What does seem to be on the radar is finding, recovering, rebuilding financial shelters for laundering wealth out from under public scrutiny. The Carribean is great for that kind of activity.

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      Hi Tim, perhaps this could be a story about what Puerto Rico could do to recover, sustainably, from the double-hit of a hurricane in the middle of a debt crisis. I know that before the hurricane a lot of people were saying it could become a legal/financial centre – the virtues of the Cayman Islands, plus the attractiveness of a US legal system. It might be interesting to discuss how it could do that and whether that would open PR to the risk of becoming a haven for money laundering and other illicit finance.

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    Wall street hedge-funds and banks own most of the Puerto Rico debt. They will not do anything to stop asset values dropping to fire sale prices. Then they will move in and end up owning everything. Then they will build casino’s and resorts to launder crime syndicates money.

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      That’s pretty much it!

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