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    It’s missing what the headline suggested I may (and what I wanted) to learn: what it is and why. Sure… we have some background on what the children are arguing about… but it assumes we know about how government funding works… and the debt ceiling, etc.
    I was hoping those points would be covered, and in great detail…. what is the policy that allows these things to happen, how long did they know it would happen (Congress have time to make policy to avoid the shutdown), more detail on spending and debt, than on politics…, etc, etc.

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    > Trump’s comments about African countries, however, have little to do with this immigration fight. People from Latin American countries are what’s holding up this budget deal. Seventy nine percent of DACA recipients are from Mexico, according to Pew Research. Concerns of border security are mainly over the southern border.

    This paragraph makes no sense in the middle of the story. After explaining nuances of the two major viewpoints, the story then claims that one class of people somehow has responsibility for the whole problem? No evidence is offered for either of the first two sentences, which seem to be controversial claims.

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      Paul: The story has been amended per your excellent suggestion.

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    >Democrats’ counter argument is that a compromise was on the table, and Trump shot it down after initially supporting it. The bipartisan

    The link to apnews doesn’t really get into details about what exactly was the compromise that the democrats were extending (which makes it hard to form an opinion of whether the compromise was “enough”).

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      Amir: You are correct about the link. It has been removed.

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