Talk for Article "Former venezuelan attorney general says Venezuela tailspins toward biggest dictatorship in Latin America"

Talk about this Article

  1. If sticking with ‘biggest dictatorship” angle = might be worth adding 1-2 grafs [max!] on other dictatorships in LatAm [historical context]

  2. 1) Thinking over it, I think the parallel I drew with Libya may be a bit sensationalistic. What if I rewrite that sentence to end it on something like: “…is Venezuela poised to become the region’s largest dictatorship?”

    2) I can try to condense the Ortega section, although I’m not sure this is advisable as there is still quite a bit of breaking information I have to update the piece with: the specifics of the allegations she made, the government’s and Odebrecht’s response, etc.

    1. Gotcha re: Libya. I do like the idea of failed state and what it means. Hope it’s possible to work in the violence/crackdowns on protesters.

      On Ortega — understood. Though not sure how important all the back/forth is if this is a broader analysis piece. Reads like she’s a good way *into* that but piece is broader IMHO.

      1. OK I’ll see what I can do. Thanks for all the help!

  3. This is strong and interesting piece. Think it’s worth condensing the Ortega section so that it gets to the meat faster — failed state, etc. Also — mentions weapons and Libya in standfirst but not covered in piece. Could add a line or two on the *violence* of mass protects [# dead, etc] to address.

  4. Is it Mrs Ortega or Mrs Ortega Diaz on 2nd ref?

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