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    I thought the meetings with the Russians were attended by Trump Junior not Trump?

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      Thanks Jonathan – I have clarified and added a correction. Jack

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    Peter, Charles,
    one of the expectations arising from collaborative journalism is to have a global view of reality, and WT is doing that beautifully.
    However, today Trump appears three times on the homepage of WT: ”Why Trump attacks the New York Times as ‘failing’ when it’s not”, ”Trump warns Bannon”, and further down ”Trump retweets trigger storm with UK”.
    For readers outside the U.S., the space thus given to the U.S. President does not seem warranted, and fudges the difference between WT and news outlets built on a clear commercial basis.
    May I suggest an article, perhaps ”President Trump faces 2018 challenges”, where the content of other stories would be assembled and curated? Thanks.

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        Thanks Jean-Jacques, yes a fair critique and one we are conscious of. Always trying to balance it. Will take on board.

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      Hi Jean-Jacques,

      I think you’re right. There is a lot of focus on Trump right now. I think that’s for a reason though and that’s because there are a lot of news stories that can be done on Trump and his administration. It’s something the U.S. hasn’t seen in decades and I think every story on Trump that’s been posted on WikiTribune is justified. Putting it all in one long article ensures the issues won’t be read by a larger audience, in my opinion. The space given is not taking away the space from other stories, I don’t think.

      That being said, I also think the broader point you’re trying to make, that the amount of coverage on Trump seems weird for readers outside the U.S. is valid. If I came to this website and saw that the front page was consistently about France I would think that this website wasn’t for me.

      I think though, instead of minimizing the Trump coverage, we should try to create more global coverage. Basically, encourage people to write more, not less. I just would hate WikiTribune to turn into a platform where news stories are discouraged or shuttled away. Does that make sense? Let me know if I interpreted anything you said incorrectly.

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