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    Snowden’s is the voice of reason and patriotism. His answers could and should become the basis of journalists’ unrelenting questions to our lawmakers in Congress. Every lawmaker should be asked to state clearly his/her positions on surveillance, secrecy, the basic right to privacy, and Congress’s responsibility to oversee related government activities and report them to the American people.

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    Great interview, it’s important hearing that censoring any extreme political views (Nazis, fascists) makes them go underground, where they spread slower, but much unopposed.

    So censoring that probably isn’t the best idea

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    Thank you for this interview

    Maybe there have been and will continue to be leaks, disclosures of all sorts
    A working democracy would work for transparencies and the widest range of intel for all – no?

    Do disclosures harm? Sure they do
    And they help as well – this a part of an equation and consideration …

    Maybe an issue to consider as well – is when leaks become motivated
    By potential outcomes – other than – a simple desire for transparency

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    When Snowden mentions impotency of the judicial system and Congress in limiting, or at least checking the activities of the security services, I wonder if this is a problem that could be solved with personnel changes. Maybe it’s best if we just wait for judges more comfortable with the interplay of modern communication technology and the separation of powers illustrated in 1787 to rise through the ranks and eventually pick up the gavel.

    Maybe the only way for Congress to be untangled from those willing to fund their re-election campaigns is to replace them with a form of direct democracy. How much do we need elected representatives to express our views in an age where we can tweet to our heart’s delight?

    I found Snowden’s final answer a little bittersweet, the idea that right are for the weak is great principle but in the rough and tumble of societal change those with the deepest pockets and heaviest sticks have a tendency to come out on top.

    For excessive government surveillance to be curtailed, the rich and powerful need to be hurt by it. Just as FDR’s wealthy backers stood to gain economically from the repeal of prohibition (I vaguely remember his son being poised to introduce the new American market to scotch whiskey) and Lincoln ran the risk of military defeat if he didn’t support emancipation (freed slaves swelling the ranks of his army)

    Anywho, I’d argue change only happens when change aligns with the goals of the rich and powerful, so is it unreasonable for me to think all we can do is sit and wait for privacy to become an important issue for someone powerful with something to lose?

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      Well said Thibagaran.
      I enjoy the thoughtful comment as well as the always thoughtful and insightful comments by the Snowden. Thanks

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    Pretty insightful and spot on. I wonder if Snowden read my article on Alternet while he was here…

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    Greetings to Edward Snowden, whose selfless ethical choice has enhanced global awareness and even shaped U.S. legislation. Congratulations to Jimmy Wales for this interview, and to Burhan Wazir for editing!

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