History for Plastics project: Microplastics can spread up foodchain via flying insects

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2018-09-19 11:10:26 ... Deleted User
Note → edit

**** Latest version ****
Note → added Microplastics can spread via flying insects
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2018-09-19 10:52:44 ... Harry Ridgewell (talk | contribs)
Note → factual correction
2018-09-11 17:29:32 ... Deleted User
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  • Set to PUBLISHED
Note → Grammar correction (missing "of")
Note → added british shoppers study
Note → hed fixed
Note → links added to Sept 2018
Note → adding Ocean CleanUp Machine
Note → adding pope statement to references
Action →
  • Set to PUBLISHED
Note → NZ ban update
Note → minor edits
Note → changed headline
Note → added new zealand to ban plastic bags
Note → approved Peru addition
Note → link to AFP
Note → updated with Chile
Note → amount of fine
Note → updating with Chile
Note → space before One
Note → adding Iceland
Note → E MacArthur link
Note → updated headline
Note → uk companies plastic pledge
Note → changed name of project and added para breaks
Note → reinserting paragraph breaks
Note → fixing formatting
Note → updated with kenya plastics ban review
Note → updated with Indonesia
Note → update indonesia plastic rivers
Note → updating WProject
Note → suggestions from comm member Nate
Note → clarified location
Note → formatting
Note → disappearing highlights
Note → updated with news
Note → small copy fixes to bring into 2018
Note → modifying claim about BP2
Note → Updated with revisions to purpose
Note → Changing to WikiProject
Note → Added a proposed whole new article for discussion purposes
Note → An attempt to fix some fatal flaws in the article so far
Note → correcting block quote formatting
Note → Full stop ending summary
Note → updating caption
Note → updating summary
Note → updating image
Note → pH in Wikipedia
Note → correcting 2020 to 2050
Note → more than
Note → who is NOAA & Ind Rev linnk
Note → adding NOAA link on 30pc
Note → update code
Note → adding question
Note → italics
Note → adding COP23 link
Note → Removing unnecessary byline
Note → Overhaul
Note → fixing literals
Note → italicising s o d
Note → copy edit
Note → updating with links
Note → adding links
Note → added my Profile link
Note → Summary
Note → indenting Greenpeace quote
Note → adding links
2017-11-09 11:52:30 ... Angela Long (talk | contribs)

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