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  1. DU
    Deleted User

    DANCING WITH DEATH Plague is spreading because relatives are digging up their Black Death dead and DANCING with the corpses as part of ancient Madagascan ritual called Famadihana
    31st October 2017

    Black Death MAPPED: ‘global outbreak’ warning as NINE new countries place on high alert
    HEALTH chiefs are scrambling to contain a Black Death outbreak after plague warnings were issued for nine countries across south-east Africa.

    PUBLISHED: Oct 31, 2017

    SA wary of plague threat
    Durban – South African health authorities are on alert for possible imported cases of the plague. This, as almost 1 300 suspected cases have been reported in Madagascar.

    31 OCTOBER 2017

  2. Something weird happened when I changed the article-title – the OpenStreetmap-element vanished. Don’t know why.

    1. Not sure why that happened either. Have just re-embedded the map. For future reference and for copyright purposes, please be sure to only embed maps from this site:

  3. It does make more sence once explained however perhaps toneing it down a bit to:
    ‘Seasonal outbreaks of ‘Black Death’ plagues Madagascar’
    This shows that it is an annual thing, and therefore not something new that authorities do not know how to handle, and that it is under reasonable control.
    The removal of the question also takes away the tone that this is possibly something we have to be worried about, raising concerns that can only be satisfied by reading the article.

    1. Point taken. Matthias and I have just updated the headline.

      1. Excellent… thanks for taking my points on board

  4. I was hoping that WikiTribune would avoid sensational Headlines.

    I found the report interesting and informative, but I do not like the tone of the title as it follows the trend of other News headlines in inciting fear and panic in what appears to be an annual occurrence in that part of Madagascar.

    In addition I Really liked the ability to go to the ‘WHO’ source

    1. You could just change the title to a less sensational one, no? 😉

      1. Hi Ross, thanks for your comment. What would you suggest as a headline? I don’t think there is anything particularly sensational about the current one.

        If you don’t mind, I’ll briefly explain my reasoning:
        – The term “Black death” is shorthand for the Yersinia pestis bacteria, and is also much more recognisable
        –The verb “plagues” is not sensational, since it refers to something that causes “continual trouble or distress to” something/someone, according to my dictionary.
        – “should the world worry?” is asking a legitimate question, which is promptly answered in the lede.

        1. What you need to know about Madagascar plague outbreak

          I reckon I don’t actually need to know anything about it and you story suggest taht too, so that whats wrong with your headline.

          1. Its not so sensationalist but how about you write a normal headline like “WHO concerned about early and increased seasonal outbreak of plague in Madagascar” and not a headline that buzzfeed would write.

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