History for Abortion on the NHS - Northern Ireland's fight for the right

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Note → adding tags

**** Latest version ****
Note → Belfast Telegraph report, clarified references to NHS abortions
Note → pre-launch review
Note → Made amendments based on Angela's suggestions
Note → Repeal the Eighth - eighth always written out
Note → I [there it is!] always take 'I' out unless the piece is a first-person account of an experience.
Note → altered that because high-income women might say they are hit hard by abortion regardless
Note → bit more exact
Note → deleted because the first part of the sentence repeats at the end
Note → Goretti's first name again as there have been a few names
Note → prefer 'inaccurate' as other wording suggests bad faith
Note → Less is more
Note → NI is not an independent country
Note → minimise capitalisation
Note → better to refer to WT than individual reporter
Note → don't need the full explanation of Marie Stopes
Note → 'But' at sentence beginning
Note → extra sentence for clarity
Note → standfirst wording clarified
Note → Writer edits
Note → Added quotes from Stella Creasy
Note → Changed "abroad" to "overseas"
Note → Intro edits
Note → Formatting the Guardian
Note → Added link to NHS
Note → Deleted paragraph at end
Note → Tom's slight edits
Note → Standfirst
Note → Added Kylie Harrison as Marie Stopes rep
Note → Italics on newspaper
Note → Standfirst
Note → Standfirst and intro
Note → Full revamp
Note → Standfirst
Note → Tom's edits and suggestions
Note → Tom's edits
Note → Formatting of newspaper titles
Note → Readability
Note → Link change
Note → Readability
Note → Misconception
Note → Standfirst
Note → Added image and exerpt
Note → Adding Mara Clarke interview
Note → Citations
Note → Added mini-bio
Note → Added UK to standfirst
Note → Removed underline from link
Note → Standfirst edit
Note → Standfirst edit
Note → Formatting 'U-turn'
Note → Added FOI request
Note → adding health as primary topic
Note → Removed "late" from picture caption
Note → removed "late" from description of Marie Stopes
Note → Remove standfirst from body
Note → Added note about being a draft - not ready
Note → Formatting
Note → Formatting
Note → Standfirst box
Note → Capitalised headline
Note → Note for stella creasy interview
Note → Added info about Freedom of Information request
Note → Added quotes
Note → added quotes
Note → Added link
Note → photo credit link
Note → Caption edit Marie Stopes
Note → Added pic
Note → Quotes needed
Note → source link
Note → Standfirst edit
Note → formatting
Note → Standfirst edit
Note → Introduction
Note → Adding info
Note → Standfirst edit
Note → Beginning 'A reproductive misunderstanding' section
Note → Added info about A and B case
Note → Standfirst edit
Note → Standfirst
Note → Added source to Phillip Hammond's announcement
Note → Added quote
Note → Added photo
Note → Added "avert a Commons defeat."
Note → Adding quotes
Note → Title change
Note → Added Marie Stopes quote
2017-07-21 15:06:20 ... Lydia Morrish (talk | contribs)

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