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A portrait of Wikitribune founder Jimmy Wales

Jimmy Wales
Founder & CEO

In addition to founding the world-famous Wikipedia and co-creating Wikia, Jimmy started the Wikimedia Foundation, the Jimmy Wales Foundation for Freedom of Expression; and of course WikiTribune. The multi-award-winning entrepreneur hails from Huntsville, Alabama but lives in London, where WikiTribune is headquartered.


Orit Kopel
Co-Founder & VP of Business Development

Qualified Human Rights Lawyer, Orit is CEO of the Jimmy Wales Foundation for Freedom of Expression, advocating for bloggers and social media users who are persecuted for speaking out online. She previously acted as Jimmy Wales’ Special Adviser for Google’s Expert Advisory Council on the ‘Right To Be Forgotten’, defending Internet freedom.


Impossible Labs
All-round superstars

We’re eternally grateful to the team at Impossible Labs for their help getting WikiTribune off the ground, even down to letting us borrow their office until we had our own. If you’re ever in need of a world-changing digital product, check them out.


Fiona Apps, WikiTribune
Fiona Apps
Community Journalism Manager

With a background in IT, Fiona attended the prestigious Sarah Lawrence College in New York and is a veteran Wikipedia admin of over ten years’ standing. She first met Jimmy when he spoke at a Wikimedia conference in London.


Charles Anderson, WikiTribune

Charles Anderson
Consulting Editor

Charles is a New Zealand-based journalist who’s worked around the world covering everything from food crises and sex trafficking to cricket and peacekeeping. At WikiTribune, he’s working with our staff reporters and the community to ensure the stories published on WikiTribune meet our standards and ambitions.


Francis Augusto, WikiTribune

Francis Augusto

Francis Augusto is an Angolan born photographer, working as Photographer in Residence at WikiTribune. Fascinated by the human experience, Francis has initiated four documentary projects in the last 3 years, which aim to explore everyday experiences. Francis has worked with non-profit organisations like London Youth and Lankelly Chase, to work with Microsoft and Facebook. Most recently, he was commissioned by agency Wonder London to cover Google’s ‘Internet Legends’ initiative.


A portrait of Wikitribune VP of Digital Natalia Avdeeva

Natalia Avdeeva
VP of Digital

Natalia has worked for companies such as Vodafone, The People’s Operator and, where she led development of consumer products. She advises startups on product and growth at Seedcamp, one of Europe’s top accelerators. At WikiTribune she is building an innovative platform that will change the way we all produce and consume news.


Peter Bale
Launch Editor

Peter Bale is the Launch Editor of WikiTribune, responsible for delivering on the editorial vision of the founders. He is a former Reuters news agency correspondent and editor and has held roles at The Financial Times, The Times, Microsoft and CNN. Most recently he was the chief executive of investigative journalism non-profit The Center for Public Integrity and International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. He is also the President of the Global Editors Network. He tweets under: @peterbale


Jack Barton. WikiTribune

Jack Barton

Jack Barton is a staff journalist at WikiTribune where he writes about international law, human rights and finance, whilst covering daily news. He was previously a senior reporter at Law Business Research and has experience covering law and international development, with credits in the Sunday Times, the New Indian Express, and New Statesman online among others. He has an LLM in Human Rights and worked on a UN-funded research project, looking at peace processes.


Steve Beatty, WikiTribune

Steve Beatty
Consulting Editor

Steve Beatty is a New Orleans-based consulting editor at WikiTribune, editing staff reporters and contributors, as well as committing journalism occasionally with original reporting from the middle of the United States. For eight years prior, he was the publisher and CEO of The Lens, a nonprofit investigative newsroom focused on New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. He serves on the boards of the Institute for Nonprofit News and the Local Independent Online News Publishers.


A portrait of Wikitribune Journalist Holly Brockwell

Holly Brockwell
Social Media & Communications

Holly was the first staff member hired for WikiTribune. Her background is in marketing and journalism, with extensive experience in social media management.


Phil Collins

Phil Collins
Tech Lead

Phil has worked in the software industry since 1996. Since then he’s led software development teams through challenging and adventurous projects. He evangelises Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and Continuous Learning, and can often be found speaking at developer conferences on those topics. In his spare time Phil is an avid board game fanatic and videogamer, having previously worked as a video game journalist and TV presenter for Sky TV.


Jodie DeJonge
Consulting Editor

Jodie DeJonge was editor-in-chief of The Cambodia Daily, an independent newspaper in Phnom Penh, until the government shut it down in September. She spent most of her career as a reporter, editor and bureau chief at U.S. offices of The Associated Press before moving to Beijing to work for China Daily. She’s based in South East Asia.


George Engels

George Engels

George is a staff reporter and producer at WikiTribune. He writes news and feature stories, films and produces online video content, and sometimes takes pictures. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, he’s been living in the UK for over seven years.


Aaron Gillett - WikiTribune

Aaron Gillett

Aaron Gillett is a multidisciplinary designer with a focus on open and collaborative systems for social impact. He has extensive experience working with different organisations and individuals in Europe and Australia.


Rich Holman

Rich Holman

Rich has been a developer since the turn of the millennium and as such has seen just about every web trend come and go. He’s worked on hundreds of websites across many industries. The web may have changed, but fundamentals stay the same. Well built, accessible and usable websites are his passion.


Angela Long
Consulting Editor

Angela Long is a journalist, editor and trainer, with more than 25 years experience in the national media of Britain, Ireland and Australia. She has previously worked at The Sunday Times, Irish Times, BBC World Service and Melbourne Herald. Angela has also worked extensively online and has a MSc in cyberpsychology. She teaches digital media ethics for the University of Florida, and taught journalism and ethics in Dublin.


Imogen Middleton
Operations Manager

Starting out as private PA to Jimmy, Imogen rapidly became the centre of operations for WikiTribune. With her first-class degree in Business Management and wide-ranging international experience, she’s ideally placed to co-ordinate the many moving parts of a globally-minded startup.


Lydia Morrish

Lydia is a staff journalist at WikiTribune, where she writes about politics, women’s and human rights, inequality, the politics of sex and more. Previously she headed up the women’s rights and political content at Konbini for over two years. In 2016, she made ‘Building Big’, a documentary about bigorexia and male body image. Her work has also been published in publications like Dazed & Confused, Refinery29, Vice, Lyra, Banshee and Buffalo Zine. She is based in London.


Linh Nguyen

Linh is a staff journalist at WikiTribune with a background in the humanities. She focuses on the Middle East, Asia, conflict and technology. Though based in London, she has freelanced across Asia, the UK and U.S. Her work has been published in Marvel App and Tech City UK where she wrote about design and tech.


Helen Platt, Jo Waters and Jo Clayton
PR Managers

Led by Helen, who has worked with Jimmy on numerous wiki-related related projects since 2014, our PR dream team comprises expert publicists who specialise in bringing stories with a social cause to the international media.


Thayer Prime
Tech Recruiter

Thayer’s career began back in the first dotcom boom, working as a programmer at After an illustrious career that included working with Tim Berners-Lee, she moved into tech recruitment and staffing, and now also acts as a strategic adviser to companies growing their tech capacity.


Harry Ridgewell

Harry Ridgewell

Harry is a graduate from Cardiff University, with a diploma in Magazine Journalism. He has an interest in politics and science, having previously studied Geography at Aberystwyth University.


Nick Smith

Nick Smith

In 2011 Nick Smith decided to go back to university to take a degree in Computer Science, to help back up the 10 years of practical experience he had gained in PHP programming for WordPress.
In 2013 he passed the Foundation Degree for Computer Web design with distinctions & won the nationwide student of the year award, gaining more than 12 Straight A’s while teaching PHP and WordPress to help fund his education. In June 2014 he passed the BSc (Honours) Degree with a first and immediately started working for a web development business in Surrey. Previous WordPress work has included: New Scientist, National Astronomy Week, AHDB, Mackenzie Smith Estate Agents, Chub Marketing.


Charles Turner

Charles Turner is an intern and reporter/producer based in New York. He is responsible for covering global affairs in ways that incorporate the community in the reporting process. He has previously reported from Myanmar, and continues to cover the country’s transition towards democracy. He is the Founder of BURMA CONNECT, an initiative in dialogue journalism, aimed at facilitating fact-based communication between the ethnic minorities of Myanmar. His work has appeared in Al Jazeera and a number of Burmese publications.


Burhan Wazir
Consulting Editor

Burhan Wazir is an award-winning journalist who began his career at The Observer and has also worked at The Times. In 2016, he returned to London after seven years in the Middle East. He was most recently the opinion editor at Al Jazeera in Qatar. He is a regular contributor to the Financial Times, the New Statesman and The World Today.

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