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Health US doctors try to cut out insurers and government with ‘direct primary care’

In a hugely expensive health system, some doctors opt out to charge patients a membership, bypassing insurers and "big" government

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Syria Difficulty verifying chemical attack amplified by pro-Assad misinformation

Misinformation about an alleged chemical weapons attack gained traction due to established pro-Assad campaign

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– Jimmy Wales

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Daily News Agenda: Friday

Every morning at 10 a.m. GMT, editors, and journalists at WikiTribune meet to discuss...

5 easy ways you can help WikiTribune

Since we launched the pilot site, we’ve had lots of people asking how they can...

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Natalia is our VP of Digital and is very keen to have a very...

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Cyber War Sourcebook

At a moment when U.S. democratic elections and governance may have suffered a major blow...

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Hi!  We are a friendly group of WikiTribuners who are interested in community fact-checking...

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This is the place for you if you want to help us use open...

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WikiTribune's engaged, collaborative community, as well as its editorial approval process, should mean that incorrect...

Conduct on WikiTribune — what you can expect, what we expect

WikiTribune is built on the principle that there’s deep knowledge in communities and that...

Blocking — the how and the why by Jimmy Wales

Like Wikipedia, WikiTribune will have a policy of blocking users who are not doing...

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Internet Facebook may promise privacy but business model is built on its absence

Cambridge Analytica scandal was a result of Facebook's 'DNA', not a bug: personal data has made it a fortune and it is insatiable

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Real names policy — a note from Jimmy Wales

(Note: I wrote this in the form of an essay from me, but what...

Diversity at and on WikiTribune

WikiTribune is committed to creating a safe and diverse working environment and an open...

Ethics statement

WikiTribune and its founders are committed to creating an accurate and evidence-based platform for...

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